PwC Strategy& London Summer Internship

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Hello everybody,

I am hoping to get advice from anyone who has insights about the recruitment process in London . I am scheduled for the assessment centre next week, for the summer internship. Should I study typically for case studies, market sizing, etc? Is there an emphasis on behavioral/competency questions?

Also if anyone has information on the London office in particular, that would be great. What type of clients do they work with, etc.
Do interns get allocated to a specific industry, or treated as generalist?

How is the retention rate for interns, do many get offers to return for full-time?
How is the culture of Strategy& (now post merger), etc.

Thanks to anyone who can give me some insight

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Jan 25, 2015

Treat it the same as any MBB interview. Mixture of trad. case studies, market sizing and competency. Make sure you prepare well for all 3.

Pre-MBA will be generalist.

Jan 28, 2015