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I received a summer internship offer at a BB (GS/JPM/MS) last week, and have been receiving many congratulatory phone calls and emails from analysts/associates/VPs/MDs in the group I was placed into. All of them have offered to chat through the offer/answer questions I have, and I'm wondering what questions you think would be important to ask before accepting the offer. 

I'm 95% sure I will be taking my offer, but wanted to know whether or not you think there are other important questions to be asked before accepting. 



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Aug 29, 2020 - 4:40am

Yeah don't ask about WLB. Why ask a question you already know the answer to? And why ask it to people who are bearing the worst of it? No good outcome here. All they will think is they hired a kid who doesn't know what he/she is getting into. 

As much as you may want to pry on culture too, people will be slightly miffed if you ask them about it since they will generally be under the impression that the question of culture was addressed when you were networking/interviewing. 


I would ask about WFH environment, benefits or other HR matters which may pertain to you, or any substantial changes to day-to-day etc if you must ask something based on the current environment which may impact you. At this point, unless you are between banking or another type of job such as PE or HF or Asset Management, no use wasting time clearing up questions which likely will not change firm to firm w/r/t hours or culture or any other banking stereotype which is just expected of you to know

Aug 27, 2020 - 4:18pm

Ask about group culture, longevity within the group, etc to figure out how open people are about this. Theres a good chance the analysts would be open to answering a direct question about placement, but see if you can get it out of them first. Please don't ask associates (A2As likely recruited and failed or there are some who decide to be a career banker; post-MBA associates probably aren't well informed). 

Unless you have multiple offers in hand, I would just avoid discussing exit options entirely. 

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Aug 27, 2020 - 2:05pm

Bumping this, a few people reached out after I got my offer to say congrats and if I wanted to talk. Not sure how much more I have to really ask about at this moment after having worked with and networked with these guys several times over the summer. 

Aug 28, 2020 - 10:48am

Assuming you've worked with them the past summer and this is an offer to return full time?

I don't think there is anything you need to ask the senior people in the group to be honest. 

However, I think it is completely valid to ask the analysts about exits.  There is a right way of discussing it where it doesn't come across as "how quickly can I leave the group."  The analysts you worked with over the summer (incoming 2nd years) will have likely already figured out their plans after 2 years (I'm surprised you wouldn't have caught wind of this over the summer to be honest, I guess one of the negatives of remote internship).  Asking them what analysts in the group typically do after the 2 year program would be a perfectly acceptable question in my view.  People aren't stupid, and they know that analysts are interested in PE, HF and other options.  It doesn't mean you're going to jump ship in 6 months after joining, rather you want to understand what type of options might be available to you in the chance you do decide to leave. 

Aug 28, 2020 - 5:11pm

Nothing to ask. You should know what you're getting into by now.  

However, this is a good time to mention or inquire about any necessary days off during the internship.  I'm not talking vacation.  If your older brother is getting married in a month, ask now whether it's ok to take a few days off then - emphasis on a few days.

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Aug 28, 2020 - 7:05pm
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