Real Estate "Investment Banking"

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Hello all,

I'm curious about what Real Estate "Investment Banking" might be all about. I use quotations because I do not know if this is actual investment banking. I work at one of the 3 brokerage houses as a MF capital markets analyst and I see that our firm has a REIB division and the job postings have me interested, but can anyone shed some light on what a Real Estate "Investment Banking" analyst would do at a CBRE/JLL shop?

Our company has acquired a lot of smaller companies throughout the years to grow our overall service line, but is this true M&A? Are they really taking companies public?? (I know that they're not).

Anyways, this is the job description: M&A, strategic advisory, private capital raising, credit and asset-backed securitizations, sale/leaseback arrangements, bond financing, corporate and municipal credit advisory services, asset/portfolio disposition, debt placement and recapitalization.

Insight from anyone is much appreciated and if you happen to work in REIB, I'd feel blessed if you shared what you do.

Thanks people.