Reneging on PE offer to re-recruit for a different city?


I'm a first year at MBB in a West Coast office who went through PE recruiting in the fall and signed with a UMM fund in SF/LA. My long time SO just took a job in NYC, so I'd like to move to NYC within the next year or so, and the firm I signed with does not have a New York office. This means I wouldn't be able to start at the PE fund I signed with for summer 2020. Thus, I have a couple questions:

1) Since I went through the process with all the major headhunters and then informed them that I accepted my offer, will they even work with me during recruiting this time around?
2) If I recruit for PE in NYC this fall, what are the odds the west coast based firm I signed with will find out? Will they do anything to hurt my recruiting efforts if they do?

Thanks in advance!