Roller Coaster: Missed McKinsey's call, they emailed, and haven't called again yet. HELP

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I was interviewing last week (Wednesday) for my final round at a local McKinsey EMEA office. They had a decision the same day, and called to inform me, but my native phone number wasn't working properly in the country I was interviewing at, so I couldn't receive the call.

Next morning, I wake up to an email from the recruiter saying the partner who interviewed me was trying to reach me yesterday, and then she asked me if I had another working phone number by any chance. I told her the story about my phone, and gave her the hotel number to call me at until I checkout at noon.

She replied to that immediately saying that she understands and that the partner is unfortunately in a client meeting and she would ask him to call me early next week to share the final round feedback.

Now, it's been a week and I haven't received a call. It's SUPER nerve-wrecking. Especially given the weird circumstances around my interview:

  1. I was originally scheduled for Interview on Thursday, however they rescheduled last minute to make it a day earlier.
  2. This one almost made me cry: I had a 3-hour break until my 3rd interview, so I went for lunch and looked up my third interviewer on LinkedIn to research him. I come back, and I wait for a few minutes, before the recruiter comes out to me and tells me the 3rd interview is cancelled, because the recruiting head didn't feel well and left the office. Then, she said I already did the minimum number of interviews for the final round, since my first two interviews were with partners.
    I was shocked and surprised I could walk back to the hotel, because I immediately thought I was too bad they didn't want to waste time on my third interview. However, when I saw the notification of some recruiter looking me up on LinkedIn a couple of hours ago, I started thinking that maybe that was the third interviewer, especially that I didn't screw-up my first two interviews. I can even say I was very comfortable with the PEI, and did fairly well in my first case, and okay in my second one. So, they are more likely to be curious for another data point, especially after flying me all these miles.
  3. My case-practise partner interviewed a day later, and received a call with an offer 3 business days later. So, the same-day means offer rule is not necessarily accurate.
  4. By midweek, I emailed the recruiter asking her politely to let me know about the outcome, since no one contacted me. And she, naturally, didn't reply at all.

5.Again, my first round interviews were perfect. Second round ones were great on the fit, and not terrible on the case (being modest here), especially the conclusion of each interview was very friendly and energetic, with a genuine "I wish you the best of luck" from the first partner, and a gentle joke from the second one.

What do you think it is? An offer, or not?

Losing my mind here: I can't keep up my concentration, waiting everyday for the phone to ring-up.

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May 17, 2018

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Jul 6, 2018

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Jul 7, 2018