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Jan 26, 2019

Any advice on how to get hold of them / purchase them is much appreciated!

Jan 26, 2019

And I do recommend the book highly for anyone who has only read V1. V2 such an improved version of the book!

Jan 26, 2019

Google this:
copy of DCF Analysis template xls;
copy of Comparable companies completed xls;
copy of Comparable companies template xls;

They are leaked on Wikileaks

Jan 26, 2019

Legend - thank you for sending this on mate!

It is useful, however, to be clear it is the templates from Version 2 (the second, most recent version of the book) that I am looking for.

Can you / anyone else help out?

Thanks in advance

Jan 26, 2019


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Jan 26, 2019

The companion site has the models that you are looking for. There should be a code that came with the book to access them.

Jan 26, 2019

Thanks mate - I have requested access to the materials but there was no opportunity to put the book code in... (although I have already bought the book, and have the code)

Has anyone actually managed to do this? I am conscious that Rosenbaum & Pearl V2 is quite new, and the accompanying Excel models may not yet be accessible...

Jan 26, 2019


Jan 27, 2019

Dude just go email the publisher

Jan 26, 2019

Thanks King Kong! Have done and I am waiting to hear back. Am impatient to get those beautiful models...

Jan 28, 2019

While you're waiting, do yourself a favor and go outside.

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Jan 26, 2019

Thanks WesternFront - good idea. I will go outside and read Damodaran in the sun while I wait

Feb 25, 2019

Hey guys can I get a PM for a copy of the Rosenbaum M&A model? The DCF, comps, LBO and all are all out there, but I cannot seem to find the merger model.

Thank you very much!

Feb 25, 2019

Reading the book at the moment - had the exact same question as well!.

I decided to build the excel models from scratch (quite slow but rewarding prcocess), really helped in improving my formatting speed and somewhat better understadning of the formulas in the model . I advise you to give that a go if you have the time to spare that is.

Feb 25, 2019