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Feb 2, 2011

GS, MS and JPM are reasonably close, though GS has that prestige, however relevant or irrelevant, attached to it that makes it so special.

MS's Menlo Park office, though (not really SF) is extremely strong as well. Plus boutiques like Lazard and Qatalyst are creeping in on the parade, though heard Lazard's main rainmaker recently bounced (to MS).

I wouldn't say that bad press necessarily damages a IBD's operations unless it directly affects the business. I.e. Citi IBD has been in the doghouse in the past couple of years b/c of the overall group stigma, but that's more because the corporate events directly affected the securities and corp advisory businesses. I wouldn't exaggerate GS's "problems".

Feb 2, 2011

if you are in GS tmt...maybe qatalyst or ms menlo

Feb 2, 2011

Qatalyst, MS.

Have heard CS and UBS are doing pretty well out there as well.

Feb 3, 2011