School Choosing!Bocconi(MKT) VS Warwick(Consulting) VS WUSTL(MSF)VS Brandeis(MSF)

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Hey guys! I am a senior student in China and I major in finance. I will go abroad for further graduation studies and I have got these offers, please help me to choose, too hard........The pros and cons of each school I have listed as followings:
pros:Top business school in Europe, I love marketing major.
cons:To many Italians(MKT class 80%) and I am worried that the group projects and daily communications will be really hard for me. Most of Chinese companies don't know about this college, which will not be helpful for my future career.
pros:Top business school. interesting major.
Cons: Few job opportunities and practical projects.
Pros:well-knowned in Chinese HR's minds. heavy load courses and outstanding MSF program
Cons:Not interested in MSF and painful for me because I hate math.
PROS:36 months OPT more job opportunities
Cons:ranking is really low.

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Mar 30, 2018

Do you have a clue what you want to do after you masters? Pointless to go to Bocconi if you want to get into finance. This should help. The Warwick one seems more general and broad. Dont go for an MSF if you don't want to work in finance/hate maths.

I would say depends on what you want to do, if you don't know go for Warwick

Mar 30, 2018

Thanks for your suggestion! I am not clear that do you mean if I don't study finance, it is meaningless to go to Bocconi? Because I know finance is one of its best majors.
My undergraduate major is finance and I find that all the courses related to math is really terrible, for example, financial modeling and financial engineering. I have kept instruments(harp and piano) as my hobbies for almost 15 years and really talented in it. So I think I am more Sensibility instead of Rationality.
Maybe I am more tend to work in strategy marketing/consulting industry, could you give me some suggestions?Thanks.

Mar 30, 2018