Schulich, Queen's or Rotman for MBA/MFin?

I graduated from Schulich BBA four years ago and I'm currently working in FP&A. I would like to do a part time masters and was wondering which school/program would be the most suitable. I'm not planning to switch industries, but I would like to gain more knowledge in strat and finance to help with my career. I might consider working in Asia in the future.

  • Schulich Accelerated MBA

  • Queen's MFin

  • Rotman MFin

I personally feel Schulich MBA would be the most suitable since it is the least costly and allows me to specialize in strat and finance. Queen's MFin would be a good choice too, even though I won't be able to learn about management or strat. However it seems like Schulich is more known for its undergrad program, and I've heard that Queen's MFin isn't as highly regarded as Rotman's MFin - is that true? 

Finally, Rotman seems to be the best choice in terms of reputation, especially if I might work in Asia in the future. But what's holding me back is the amount of time it takes to complete the program (I won't be able to finish until 2023 whereas I will be able to finish in Q1 2022 for the other programs at Schulich and Queen's).

So now the question is, should I go for Schulich/Queen's, whose programs are more suitable for me, or go for Rotman for the higher reputation? And if anyone who happens to work in Asia wouldn't mind sharing their thoughts on the reputation of these schools that would be much appreciated as well!

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