Screwed up the second attempt of two courses - should I use the grade from first attempt to calculate GPA?

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Hi everyone,

I am a sophomore student who wants to break into IB next year and I attend a target school. Long story short, I retook two courses in the past summer in order to pull up my gpa, the first attempts were not that bad (got B- for both). During the summer, I got into a bad car accident that caused post accident trauma, so I gave up studying and completely bombed the courses. I just got a passing grade for both. Now if I use the new grades and suppose I have straight A+ this year, my GPA will be around 3.64, which is a bit low.. If I just use the old grades, my GPA will be around 3.73, which is merely considered to be competitive during OCR. Is it possible to calculate the GPA by just using the higher attempt? If not, am I screwed with 3.64 during OCR? (I have relevant internships, good ECs and I will network hard next year.)

Thank you for your inputs!

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Oct 27, 2017

Write the GPA that is on your transcript. When they ask for your transcript and it doesn't match up, you could get fucked, and probably will.

Oct 27, 2017

Thanks for replying! My school uses percentage instead of GPA. So we need to calculate it ourselves, both first attempt grade and second attempt grade will appear on the transcript. I am wondering if a 3.64 is very bad and has a low chance of getting interviews during OCR.. I should have not retaken the courses at all, biggest regret ever..

Oct 27, 2017

Message hr to ask for a conversion.

Oct 27, 2017