Seeking a flatmate in Hong Kong

I am a first-year IBD analyst with a BB at ICC in HK and looking for a flatmate who can share an apartment on Kowloon Island. I was born and raised up near Beijing in China so I speak standard Madarin or with Beijing accent when and if necessary. Before I landed my full-time offer, I workd as an intern with two banks at Canary Wharf in London so I speak decent English. I prefer to live together with a junior analyst/associate who can speak native English, like ppl from England, America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. We can learn each other's languages and cultures. I have a strong business and alumni network back in mainland China and you can also join my parties or gatherings with my friends either in HK or the mainland.

I traveled a lot and had been to countries like UK, France, The Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland so I am very open-minded and easy-going. I am male by the way and have no preferences on my flatmate's gender and age but you should be honest, neat, fun and open-minded.

Should you are interested, please email me at [email protected] and just call me HKjunior.

Thanks & Regards


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Jul 3, 2011 - 2:18am

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