Shifting into strategy consulting after 2 year fintech grad scheme

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Hi all,

I have an MSc in Management, and I am starting a graduate scheme in a top bank focused on fintech, which will include a lot of strategy analyst rotations, excel, powerpoint blah blah blah. I think the biggest negative is that it will have little to no client-facing work.

I got to assessment centres for all of the big 4 management consulting, but didn't turn up to two of them as I really went off the idea of working in the big 4 for consulting, and I already had my job offer. I also interviewed with some boutiques, but they were not as successful.

I'm very interested in working in MBB, in the verticals of financial services/payments. I am hoping that my 2 years in industry in which I am working on a fintech offering will be highly relevant and beneficial to the work that I would be doing at MBB. (due to the nature of the work, as well as the skills picked up along on the way)

I feel that my biggest issue is lack of specific consulting experience, and that I am not from a target school (although within top 10).

I do aim to do an MBA in the US/EU down the line, and I think this would be my biggest opp of shifting into MBB, but I am aiming to get into consulting before this to strengthen my application.

What are your thoughts on this, and what can I really be doing in the meantime to really bolster my application to MBB/strategy boutiques following the end of the graduate scheme?

Many thanks

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Jun 16, 2020