Should I transfer from Boston University??

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Hello everyone!

I joined the Oasis just to ask this question. I am currently a freshman in the Boston University Questrom school of business, and I just finished up my first semester with a 3.93 (proud of that). One question that has been coming up increasingly, however, is if I should transfer to a school with better resources and networking opportunities, namely UPenn.

I applied got rejected regular decision last year, but a lot has changed since then. I have had my hand in a number of new activities, one of which was the starting a of a Non-profit organization in Utah which was awarded a 1.2 thousand dollar grant from the University of Utah in competition.

From what I can tell, my application and overall resume is much stronger than when I had first applied. But now, it begs the question of whether I should even try to transfer. I am doing well here at Boston University, yet the more I hear about Investment Banking and Finance in general, the more it seems like a necessity to go to a school like UPenn. To be honest, the prestige of Wharton has always been alluring to me, but I am not completely sure whether the effort would be even worth it.

My main questions are
1. do I even have a shot
2. should I try to transfer for my sophomore year
3. if shouldn't transfer, what should I do?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

Full Stats:

SAT: 1490

High School GPA: 3.9

First Semester (17 credits): 3.93

Extra curricular activities: Capoeira Club, BU finance and investing, Non-profit organization management

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Jan 2, 2019

Transferring to Penn will definitely open up more doors for you, not just within finance. Definitely do some research on what schools to apply to on this website. There's a thread about transfer friendly target schools--all of which would open more doors than your current one. However, if you're really enjoying your time at your current school, you might want to take a little more time to think about your decision.

Jan 2, 2019