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Reaching out to anyone with knowledge about Silicon Valley Bank. I have a superday for the ADP program next week and was wondering if anyone has any helpful tips on what they look for (culture, experience, career goals). I go to non-target state school so I am very hopeful to land an offer!

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Nov 29, 2018

I did this last year. For reference I am from a non target LAC far away from where I interviewed (Menlo Park Office).

I got zero technical questions, all my questions were personality questions. They basically gave me all of the normal background/personality type questions you will see in any interview. They asked me why SVB, why the area, all that stuff. Just know your resume, and have honest answers ready for questions like that. They also asked me where else I was interviewing. Your background in corporate banking will be touched on i'm sure, and i'm sure it'll help you. I really did not have related experience to corporate banking/credit analysis for reference.

I got the offer but turned it down. It seemed like a nice place, with good training and other young people to be around. I just got an offer for something better so I didn't take it.

Good luck!

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  • ArmedFloridaMan
  •  Nov 29, 2018

Thanks for the helpful response. I feel pretty confident with my in-person interview skills as long as I know what I am talking about lol. In your opinion, was it a positive thing to have other interviews to speak of? I have no other interviews yet.

Hope everything is going well at your current job!

Nov 29, 2018

I don't think it hurt that I was interviewing at other places, but I don't think it pushed the needle either.

I would say just go in, be kind/polite, come prepared with some questions for your interviewers (I talked to 2 MDs and went to lunch with 2 current associates in the program), act curious about the job and have a reason why you think you would like the job and would like working there.

Overall, the people I met were very kind and just seemed to want to get to know me more in the sense of would I be a good person to work with/manage. If you can prove that you should be fine.

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  • ArmedFloridaMan
  •  Dec 12, 2018

Got the offer today! Super stoked.

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Dec 13, 2018

Congrats man, that's awesome!

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