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I am a recent grad looking for job and have been applying to lots of analyst position at many AM firms. No luck yet but I did get a position at a boutique consulting firm (think, We work with F500 technology companies.

I am concerned because although consulting does sound interesting and hopefully i can get some sales data analytic type projects, however it's not AM.

Obviously a job is better than being unemployed but if I want to get into AM what is the best way to go.

I actually would think some operational experience would look good for AM but because it's not MBB i'm worried about Bschool exit ops and the future. After working there for a few months should I try to leverage the experience? What for?

Any suggestions?

I was thinking of getting a back office role at some WM management firm because at least it is finance. I would then have time to study for cfa. and leverage for analyst positions

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can i bump?

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Dec 31, 1969

May I know in which country do you plan to work??? I am Spanish and my experience may not be useful.

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You generally start as a (research) associate/analyst and with solid performance you can become a PM in about 10 yrs, more or less. Career development is very firm-specific. It is not impossible but not easy either. We generally hire someone right out of college or with experience in finance. Without genuine interest in investing no one will buy your story or willingness to switch. Read books, newspapers on investments/finance and start investing on your own. Learn to read 10k, perform valuation,etc. not just to write on the CL but to actually learn. Good luck.

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Via business school, yes. Otherwise pretty tough. Also, "analyst" is a relatively senior role in ER/AM, usually post-MBA, and in the case of sell-side research it can be post-MBA + 3-4 years. You are likely looking for a lateral into an Associate role after a short consulting stint.

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Dec 31, 1969

ER guy here.

We have ex consultants in the associate ranks here who came directly from consulting. In the analyst ranks, there are ex consultants, but as far as I know, they all used a MBA to transition and then had to put in another 2-5 years to become a full fledged analyst (not just an associate covering some smaller stocks).

Dec 31, 1969

Thanks to both of you for your advice!
The "analyst" role was a mistake from my side. What I meant was the entry-position after university (but before MBA). As far as I understand the situation, it is possible to join ER/AM after a ~1-2 yr stint at MBB in a non-entry-position. Therefore, I would not "loose" much time, because I can join at the associate rank?
Does this logic apply to the major players? Which projects did the consultants in your firm cover before entering ER (DD, strategy, specific industries)?

Really appreciate your insights!

Dec 31, 1969