Structuring vs Operations to become a Portfolio Manager

Hi guys!

I am a graduate with the CFA level 1 and one year experience as an assistant portfolio manager and my long term goal is to become a portfolio manager. Ideally, I would like to find another position as an assistant portfolio manager or as a portfolio analyst, but there are not much offers for those roles.

I currently have two job offers:

  • An off-cycle internship as a Junior Structurer in structured credit at a European bank (top 10) which is a very versatile role with a great component of financial and statistical analysis 
  • A permanent position at a small Hedge Fund in Trades Operations (with a much better compensation)

I am hesitating because trades operations experience is demanded in all the job descriptions for assistant portfolio manager / portfolio analyst roles, but in the other hand, the structurer role is pure front with a lot of analysis and the bank is more prestigious (in my opinion).

What do you think is the best move according to my long term goal?

Thank you very much!

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