Hey, I wanted to ask what someone may think about what my course of action should be for preparing for the Series 86 IF I HAVE LITTLE ACCOUNTING AND VALUATION BACKGROUND. Not a business or accounting major. I took an accounting class a while ago and am pretty new to valuation/modeling.
I recently took the Series 7. I studied hard but did think it was pretty easy and scored an 85%. Also did 63. I have a good amount of time to study during the day and after work and wanted to ask how I should go about getting ready for this test having little accounting/valuation knowledge to begin with.

I am almost done reading the book and am planning on doing all of the STC exams. From what I have read, it seems like people who have difficulty with this exam mistake their familiarity with the material for expertise from relevant experience and the test comes back to bite them because they didn't study by the book. This is not the case for me as I have limited experience. I would appreciate any guidance offered.

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Harry Potta, it will probably be difficult in the beginning, but the accounting and valuation is arguably basic. I took it a while ago but it seems like if you take all the tests and read the book, you will be in good shape... Although some people might argue it is going to be pretty tough..

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The series 86 is a very poorly written exam. With or without accounting experience, it is going to be hard.


Is there anything specific that I should be starting with in my position?


Go on the STC website that your company likely gave you, do practice tests and read explanations over and over to the point it floats through your head all day. Pass exam, never deal with it again.

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Read the material and take every single practice test. Then review the questions you answered incorrectly and take the same tests again. If you do that, then you will be OK.

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