Targeting Commercial Banking after equity research

Hi all,

I am located in Canada and I have been with a small Asset Management company as a buy-side analyst for about 2.5 years here in Toronto (not a well known company). I am looking to switch into commercial banking and I wouldn't mind starting from junior or even credit analysis or account manager roles; just want to get my foot in the door. However I haven't been getting much interviews for about several months. So I have three questions:

1) Any advice on the my resume? Formatting, wording, or any skills I should emphasize?
2) Is there any credentials I can obtain while job hunting that will add value? (I was thinking of Moody's Commercial Credit Certificate)
3) Any general advice on breaking into this field?

P.S. How can a file be inserted from computer? I don't see the income for that.
Sincere questions from a genuine job hunger. Thanks.


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