Tepper MBA this year or go next year 1Y program

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After finally getting accepted in Round 3, I am pumped but not sure how good the Tepper MBA is for consulting. I love the program but street cred is important to me and I wanted to get opinions on Tepper's reputation in Consulting. MBB would be ideal but won't be the end of the world if I make it to a place like ATK, LEK or PwC.

My alternate is to wait another year and apply for a one year program overseas or something like Kellogg or Johnson 1Y,

Argument for going to Tepper:
* Still a solid program, amazing curriculum and solid professors
* Carnegie Mellon seems to have solid street cred
* Love the tight knit community

Argument for waiting a year:
* Potential to make it to a higher ranked program after retaking the GMAT
* Going abroad to study is an amazing experience especially if I get into something like INSEAD or LBS
* Lower opportunity cost

What's the general consensus for Tepper - top 15 or top 20?


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Feb 3, 2019