Thoughts on living in my car to save money?

As a rising sophomore, who'll be entering the workforce in a few years,, I have pondered about my housing for the next couple years. After watching a documentary on minimalism, I came to a sudden realization: everything I could possibly want or need could be stored in my car. And even better, I would save so much money. My buddy who lives in the city is willing to let me park a car in his parents' garage for free. The only obstacle I could think of is showering, but I figure I can just get a gym membership at a local gym right nearby where my car would be parked, and shower there.

It would be comfy, as I would have pillows and heated blankets. I'm not worried about paying for food, as I know I can get more than enough granola bars, fruits, vegetables, and liquids to survive off of from health food stores.

I'm thinking that this set-up will allow me to have an absurd amount of extra money compared to other incoming analysts. I figure, if I am barely going to spend any time in my apartment anyway, and will probably be too tired to pursue girls or hang out with friends very often in the limited time typical of analyst stints, I might as well save some money while I'm at it. And just because I don't have my own apartment certainly doesn't mean I wouldn't be able to go out for drinks after work. What do people think of this? How common is this?