Tier 2 Pre-MBA to LEK China Manager?

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Hi everyone,

This is a throwaway account to protect identity. I am currently a Consultant (pre-MBA) level at a strong Tier 2 in NA (S&, Monitor Deloitte, ATK, etc.). I have been at the role for 3 years and am considering an MBA in the future either US or Europe. Overall goal one day is to move into internal strategy at a F500 and maybe one day move into an operational role / be responsible for P&L.

I was offered a position as an "Associate Manager" at LEK China in Shanghai. I looked on their website and the titles don't match between LEK US and LEK China, but the recruiter pitched this as a Manager level that would report directly to the Partner on case teams and run a team of 1-2 Consultants (post-MBA) and 2-3 Associates (pre-MBA).

My question to you all is - thoughts? I'm thinking in terms of exit opps / future growth / Bschool / comp.

FYI - I can speak Mandarin fluently, though on a more conversational basis rather than technical business. The recruiter assured me that this is perfectly ok though, as most of the managers and above are currently ex-pats.

Thanks all

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Sep 8, 2015