Tiger Grand Cub HF from a pre-MBA perspective?

Hello Folks - wanted an opinion from you'll. I am currently working for a Long Only fund based in Asia. I have recently accepted an offer (Pre-MBA role) from a Global Long Short Hedge Fund which has a Tiger Background (Tiger Grand Cub). The AUM is slightly less than a Billion Dollar. I just wanted to understand, how does this get evaluated from an MBA perspective? The investment team is full of folks from Harvard/ Stanford/ Columbia, who have previously worked for very well known Tiger Cub HF's and global PE's (including KKR/ Blackstone etc). I know for a fact that, most colleges would prefer pre-MBA candidates working at global PE's like KKR, Blackstone, but I would still want to work for a boutique set up like this, as this place really resonates well with my own investment philosophy. To that extent, I just wanted to know, what would my chances be if people writing recos for me are alums of these colleges and have previously worked at global PE's/ HF's? I am very excited for this role, and really look forward to joining this place, irrespective of my chances of getting into a top B school or not. But since this is a pre-MBA role, I at least want to know what are my chances of getting into a good b school, so that I can accordingly work on other things like GMAT, social work etc? Prior to my current role (1 year in a long-only fund), I have 2.5 years of experience in investment banking. Thanks!

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Mar 4, 2019

Guys - Any thoughts here?

Mar 5, 2019

Is this explicitly a pre-MBA only position?

Mar 5, 2019

Yes, for now, it is explicitly a pre-Mba role.

Mar 5, 2019

What was your recruiting like? Did you go through an official process? Or just reached out to them directly?

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Mar 5, 2019

I reached out to them directly, post which I had to go through multiple technical rounds. Also, I have realised most of these funds care a lot about the fit within the team, so they tend to focus on the softer aspects as much as they would focus on the technical aspects.

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Mar 11, 2019

Folks - I am really looking forward to know your thoughts on this.

Mar 12, 2019

Bump for the thread, I would like to hear what you end up ultimately deciding on. I'm a Senior in UG right now who went Trading -> MM IB Junior Summer internship -> AM on the credit side now and I'm curious how going to a hedge fund later on down the road before an MBA would look.

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Mar 14, 2019

It sounds like you are going to get into a top MBA if that's the route you want to go - from the brief description above, there is nothing that would stick out from an admissions standpoint, maybe you don't get one offer or another, but I would expect you have your choice of some top schools. You are correct that top-tier MBA programs tend to prefer high profile PE shops over hedge funds. Think about it this way, when you graduate you will be a walking advertisement for that university - tacking on a prestigious name (KKR, Blackstone, etc.) to your CV just helps to bolster the reputation of the school. Hedge funds are usually the end game for a lot of people, just like a partner track at a PE firm would be - so if you get a great gig at a hedge fund, and really love what you do, you need to think very hard about why you want to give up two years of real world experience and roll-the-dice, so to speak, on that group or another group having a similar position for you after you partied and travelled for two years. If you are excited about a role, go for it. You never know where it will lead and you never know who knows who. Maybe one of your PM's wife's uncle has pull at Harvard, or his old roommate knows the guy over at Stanford. You just never know. Best of luck, it sounds like you won't need it.

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Mar 19, 2019