Too late to get a SA 2019 Internship Offer? Haven't heard back from any...

What's up WSO. I'm a rising Junior at a state Big10 Business School as a transfer starting in the Fall. I got a 3.8+/4.00 cum. from my previous 2 non-target small colleges (and obviously don't have a GPA yet from my Big10, just the name because of the start in Fall). Super involved with those previous colleges (clubs etc) and have had a small no-name Internship in Sales&Finance and now working until August in a MM PWM. Applied to probably 70 or so internships (GS to Gugg. to Blair and Jll, CBRE you name it..) from RE-IB-WMAM in late June and wrapping a few more up this week that I found. Have yet to hear back from any. Is there any water (offers) left in the pond (firms)?? Worried I might be too late to the game. Any insight would help fellow monkeys...rock on

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Jul 10, 2018

They have superdays in August. I would also suggest to network with recruiters at those respective firms. Did you get first round hirevues already? If so you should hear back by end of July (most extreme case)

Jul 10, 2018

nothing yet back, whats best way to get in contact with a recruiter?

Jul 10, 2018
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