Totally lost: Trying to find an internship abroad

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Hey, I'm totally lost and don't really know where to start with my search. I would greatly appreciate some insights.

I'm currently a penultimate year student (3rd semester) at a target school in Germany.
I absolved my first internship (2nd semester) in Investment Banking - M&A Advisory and would like to break now into Consulting with my next internship after the 4th semester.
I don't have the best grades at the moment to just apply at the top-ranked firms and therefore have figured out some approaches:

  • Apply at DAX30 Corporations abroad (Siemens, Adidas, Bayer, Henkel etc.) in positions like project management, supply chain, business development. This would leverage me into a better position to absolve my 3rd internship after 6th semester at a large consulting firm. Furthermore, my university brand is well known at german corporations
  • Mainly search in English-speaking countries such as Canada, GB, Luxembourg, USA
  • Apply at inhouse consultancies abroad: I did not have a lot of success with this approach so far. Can anyone recommend some good sources/lists of companies?
  • Apply at small consultancies abroad: I also did not have a lot of success with this approach. I have applied at 4 consultancies in the Toronto area with unsolicited applications (one month ago!) and did not receive feedback from any of them. I don't even know a reason for a "rejection". Was my CV not country-specific enough? Do they prefer to hire Canadians?

Could anyone help me out and give me some insight into my strategy or some advice? Should I try something different out?
Just ask, If I've left something unanswered :)

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Oct 30, 2019