Transferring to McIntire (UVA)

I'm currently a student at Clemson University. My parents are of the opinion that you can be successful no matter where you graduate (easy for pops to say with his G-town degree) so I ended up here with a scholarship that made it worthwhile. In H.S. I was pretty uninterested and definitely made some mistakes in the college admissions process which is why I find myself at a school where most of my fellow students are less intelligent as well as less industrious.

I'd like to go to a top 15 b-school so right now I am currently working on transferring to UVA (which I think is the perfect fit for me and I'm not even bothering to fill out applications anywhere else). I'm wondering if there is anyone familiar with the McIntire School of Commerce who might give me an opinion as to the chances I have of getting in.

1450/1600 (2240/2400) SATs
3.7 Undergrad GPA

I guess I'm expecting most other transfers are kids who didn't get into UVA as freshmen, so I feel like as long as i write good essays to back this up I'm set.

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Feb 24, 2008

I got in with a 1320 and a 3.44 ugpa, and I am out of state. Cost prevented me from going, but theres always B school!

Feb 24, 2008

Just keep in mind that if you are a freshman now you cannot be admitted directly to McIntire. You have to apply during your second year at UVA. Not to defer you from transferring, but if this is the case be sure you will be happy at UVA even if you don't get into McIntire.

Feb 24, 2008

How hard do you think it is to be accepted to McIntire from a service academy, like the Naval Academy or West point with a 3.6 GPA and a student athlete.

Feb 25, 2008

Oblackst, I definitely understand your situation. I'm out of state too and a big part of what prevented me form looking at target schools was cost. I actually applied to UChicago right out of hs, and my dad told me that based on how hard I worked in HS he couldn't justify shelling out the dough for a school like that with two sisters also in need to funding. Fortunately I got down to business and now they're willing to give me a shot.

Anyways, I am a sophomore right now, so I can transfer directly to McIntire. My biggest issue is probably that I haven't fulfilled certain requirements as far as courses go (this decision to transfer was pretty recent and my schedule wasn't planned accordingly) and I'm hoping this won't keep me out. I'll definitely have to take classes over the summer to be eligible I believe.

Feb 26, 2008

I'm trying to transfer as a Junior straight into McIntire. I did not apply to UVA as a freshman. UVA is great even if you don't get into McIntire. The school is awesome and the area is nice. I have quite a bit of friends who go.

I've been told I have a decent chance of getting in. I only had a 1150 SAT (Out of 1600, only took it once) and a 3.6 high school GPA, but my GPA in college is 3.75. I'm in-state though....

I feel like you have a pretty good chance, but you never know with these types of schools.

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Feb 25, 2008

304 applicants, 35 accepted, 12 out of state. And one right here. Hard work pays off.

Oct 26, 2014

Another transfer here. My advice: don't let the stats intimidate you. Also, half of the applicants don't have the proper prereqs, so if you actually prepare for the application process you can double your odds...

Jan 31, 2019

Hi! I know it's been a while since this post but did you end up being accepted ? If so, how did you like it ? And what was the transition like ?

Jan 31, 2019

Don't do it if only reason is getting into McIntire. It is not easy for transfers to get in - your GPA is not a slam dunk coming from Clemson (sorry). If you will be happy being an econ major and really want to be in C'ville, then do it, otherwise be happy with a better football team and a good school.

Feb 12, 2019