UBS High Yield and Loan Capital Markets Program

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Does anyone know anything about this program at all? It seems different than a regular capital markets job. Here's the job description:

Description High Yield and Loan Capital Markets Description

High Yield and Loan Capital Markets works with non-investment grade companies on a variety of debt transactions including refinancings, acquisition financings, and leveraged buyouts.
The team structures debt transactions for both public and private companies based on the issueraEU(tm)s objectives and current market trends. High Yield and Loan Capital Markets originates any combination of fixed rate, floating rate, first lien, second lien and mezzanine debt to meet the capital requirements for an acquisition or recapitalization.
The team is involved from the original client pitch to the internal approval process, and ultimately to the distribution of risk to investors including institutional investors and hedge funds. On the origination front, the team works closely with Investment Banking to identify financing opportunities, and structures new deals that best serve the clientaEU(tm)s capital needs and operational objectives. After being mandated on a transaction the team works closely with the sales and trading desk to execute, syndicate and distribute debt offerings.

Position Description
Within the various Capital Markets groups, you will help issuers of securities and leveraged loans to develop strategies for the issuance of debt, the execution of derivative transactions, asset/liability management and new product development.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Creating analytical models and spreadsheets
Analyzing debt portfolios and capital structure of issuers
Producing presentations for client meetings
Collecting and inputting market data
Managing several assignments at once

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Nov 6, 2007

sounds like you'd be working on a high yield desk. if that is true, you will have awesome opportunities to transfer to Hedge Funds, IBD, or PE. Of course given the situation of the credit markets, I am not sure how much deal flow you might see.

It does not sound like a middle office job, but I can't tell. Maybe someone else can chime in...sounds like a great position to me though.

Nov 6, 2007