UBS WM Intern to Full Time Analyst in IB or S&T

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I am a senior at Baruch College studying finance & math with a 3.94 GPA. I was a summer analyst at a no name boutique IB for two summers (as a rising junior & a rising senior) & have been interning at UBS WM since September 2018 (I have been offered to continue the internship for my final semester of college & accepted.) I know I do not want WM for full time after graduation. Any ideas on how I could potentially leverage myself to obtain a full time analyst position in IB or S&T? I have received super days for jobs I am not interested in such as S&P Global Market Intelligence & FINRA. However, I have not managed to even receive a first round interview in my fields of interest. Any advice would be helpful!

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Jan 1, 2019
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