UltraFap experience

I saw a bunch of posts on here about people struggling with wanking during WFH, so I decided to just start obliterating my meat in the name of science. I heard Tyson Fury jerked off 7 times a day before obliterating Wilder, so chew on that nofappers

Week one: physically exhausting, there's just not enough material out there.

Week two: mildly painful but I understand now the mindset of senior bankers and I've found it easier to function with less sleep.

Week three: why am I doing this to myself? Is there any glory in jerking off all the time just to prove a point to moralists on the internet

Week four: the Ascension, I have achieved permenant post-nut clarity. The nofappers and the fake-scientists don't want you to know the truth. I may have to stop posting as the Illuminati have contacted me, warning of powers I don't understand.

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