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I was recently accepted into 4 great undergrad schools. UCLA, WashU (Olin), NYU (Stern), and Northwestern.

Out of the four schools I have narrowed it down to Stern and Northwestern (econ). For Stern I was accepted into their newest major called BPE (business and political economy). http://w4.stern.nyu.edu/uc/prospectivestudent/aca…

For BPE I would study sophomore year in London and half of my junior year in Shanghai. The program is a year old and has no job placement stats. Can anyone knowledgeable help me determine which school (BPE or Northwestern) will be more beneficial for my future in business?

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Apr 11, 2010 - 10:58am

Can't comment much, but that Stern program sounds incredible. I'd take that in a heartbeat.

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Apr 11, 2010 - 11:09am

What semester of your Junior year is in Shanghai? Sounds like an awesome program, but depending on what you want to go into, could hurt your recruiting opps because you'll be off campus for a year and a half.

Apr 11, 2010 - 11:11am

The BPE program will be nice on the resume. They're both pretty good schools; Stern has slipped recently though. But it's in NYC and has pretty damn good recruiting. That said, it depends on whether you want to be in a big city or Evanston. Completely different worlds. Doing well at either will open up most of the same doors.

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Apr 11, 2010 - 11:42am

Go to NW. I think going abroad all those semesters will hurt you during recruiting. You need to be able to network and land an internship before junior year in order to really stand out for SA internships junior year. Go to NW and you can study abroad wherever and whenever you want. One of the big reasons of going to NYU is that you get internships during the semester and can have more work experience than everyone else. Studying abroad that much will not allow you to get those internshps. I studied abroad in London and China (one semester, one Summer program). The best (and really only times) to study abroad are. Spring Freshmen, Summer Freshmen, Fall Soph, Summer Sophomore, Fall Junior year. If you do a Summer program you should go to London and find a Summer program that offers an internship (I think BU runs one). That way you get an international experience and work experience. Also, some of the placements for the program are very good (JPM BO, Barclays BO, small M&A boutique, ect.). I recommend doing a Summer program after Freshmen year and then going abroad Fall Semester Junior year. This allows you to focus all Sophomore year on getting a Summer internship and it makes it so that you are abroad at different times and will not lose all your friends because you were gone for a year and a half....In addition, you can network with emails while abroad and then come meet them when you return I started networking in late Dec. early Jan and it was fine, but you should start networking in September or October---learn from my mistakes. Also, check to see if NW has a program like NW in NY. Duke has one where its basically a study abroad in NYC and kids go and meet alumni at all the major banks and get to network. I met a lot of Duke kids at my interviews and they were on it/loved it.

Take NW and congrats.

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Apr 11, 2010 - 12:05pm

Thanks for the advice.

If you don't mind me asking, Gekko, where did you go for undergrad?

My biggest worry, as you clearly pointed out, is not being able to get internships while abroad. I heard that in Shanghai this is not an issue, but that in London ii can be quite hard due to the type of Visa you receive. I am a European citizen and from my understanding I am allowed to work while in London (if anyone knows anything about this please expand...), but I am worried that London firms will not look at internationals while recruiting. NW offers a great Econ program, but BPE also offers amazing educational opportunities. I don't believe that going abroad for a year an a half will result in loosing all my friends. Since the BPE program is relatively small (40 or so students) and you travel as a class, I believe that the friendships made in program will be very strong.

Apr 11, 2010 - 12:18pm

Since you have a European passport I don not know how it is different, but there was no problem getting internships in London because everything was run by a program provider. If you do it through a program provider that offers internships as one of its choices you should be fine (everyone got an internship and most got there first choice). Go on Boston Universities website and do some research/call them. When I did it, I got an internship at Barclays. It would be very difficult to get an internship in London without a provider.

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Apr 11, 2010 - 1:41pm

yeah, def depends on where you picture yourself out of undergrad. if you want to work wallstreet, stern would be a better choice re networking, tho i'd prefer a program that leaves you in nyc and focuses on real skills. political eonomics is just watered down econ with some bs ugrad-level (ie highschool level) political science intro courses (guessing :P)
if on the other hand you want to go into gov't work, the speshow prog sounds interesting.
but seriously... :P if you want consulting tho, nw takes the cake. marketing is an important skill in general management and kellogg is good in that field.

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Apr 11, 2010 - 3:34pm

PM me, but from my experience, networking is not THAT important for on-campus recruiting. You can certainly get on the phone with many people even if you are in Shanghai.

What you need to realize is that you should not script the next 5 years of your life now. For all you know, you might end up hating banking. None of the NW or normal Stern kids would have those London and Shanghai experiences. You can talk about this stuff in your interviews. Go for the experiences that YOU truly desire. I would take this option if you like it more.

Also, you would be a good candidate for consulting firms due to the nature of this program.

DIsclaimer: I didn't attend these schools.

Apr 11, 2010 - 4:51pm

No problem recruiting American study abroad students into London internships. It's also fairly easy for companies to sponsor visas. I'm American and have been working in London for a few years, and there are lots of others who either got offers after London SA roles or decided to apply to UK offices directly in their senior years. Many US schools are represented in banking here, it will not be a problem.

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