[Undergrad] NYU Stern w/ 100k+ Debt or Richard Ivey School of Business

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Hey guys,

This is my first post and I'm looking for some help. Let's start with some background info:
I'm a senior in high school living in Toronto, Canada.
My family is middle income.
I'm pretty set on pursuing a career in finance.

I got accepted to NYU Stern recently and received around 20k in scholarships from them. That lowers tuition down to about 50k/yr? My family can contribute a good amount, but they'll be taking out loans and I'll have to pay them back afterwards. Expecting around 100k+ in debt.
Alternatively, I can stay in Canada and go to the Richard Ivey School of Business. Tuition for Richard Ivey is only about 20k.
From what I read thus far, Stern is extremely good at placing kids onto Wall Street, but Richard Ivey has a presence in BBs and Elite Boutiques as well. My family friend is going on to work at Evercore from Richard Ivey. They probably send around 10 people to NY every year and it's all to BBs or Elite Boutiques.

So is NYU Stern worth the 100k+ debt that I'm going to graduate with? Also, will I be able to offset some of these costs by taking a school year internship? Is it possible to get a good paying internship my freshman year? How many years will it take for me to pay it back after graduation?

Thanks a lot for actually reading the entire post. Any help would be appreciated.