Undergraduate VC internship --> Summer Internship at MBB

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Some background: Double major in Finance/CS (Finishing Finance in 2017, CS in 2018) at a non-target state school. GPA 3.8. ACT: 34. (Goal is basically HBS or comparable b-school...I am open to pretty much anything that would get me there in about 3 years after undergrad)

I was recently given the opportunity to intern at a small medical devices VC firm. However, I don't know if VC is what I'd like to do given my goal above.

Looking for advice on whether or not VC internships can be used as leverage to either BB IB or MBB consulting.


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Jul 7, 2015

You should choose IB over VC when looking for internships. IB will give you invaluable experience that you can use as leverage for the future, whereas interning at an unknown VC won't help you much. That being said, if that VC position is the only one you get, you should of course take it.

Jul 7, 2015

this is so fun lol

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Jul 7, 2015

They see it as a 7. Not MBB, not GS and not Bessemer. But it is something. All kidding aside, what did you do there? Admin, tax guy, law reviewer, sourcing, etc.... It's not the brand, it's what you did. Did you convince some naive lax bros to give up 80% equity in a hot startup for $1mm that makes Shawn Parker spluge in his short shorts? Is that startup now owned by Google and the partners made millions. Or did you edit stuff?

Skip here: what did you in this vee ce firm?

Jul 7, 2015