University of Calgary Engineering, chances to transfer?

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I'm currently a first year engineering student at the University of Calgary. Long story short, I would like to transfer to a business school such as Ivey, since I am not interested in pursuing a degree in engineering. Unfortunately, my GPA is most likely going to be below a 3.0. However, I believe I have strong extracurriculars. I'm an intern at a small boutique, a WSO Campus Rep, and Chairman of the International Engineering Competition, where my duties include managing a budget, get sponsorship, assembling a team, designing the competitions, and managing the relations of our European and American partners. Do I stand a chance to transfer after year to if I manage to pull up my GPA as much as I can, or should I just transfer to the business school at U of C and try to transfer again after a year? Sorry for such an annoying question, but I hope somebody could give me advice. Thanks!

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Nov 17, 2014

Ask yourself this: Do you really think they'll take you with below a 3.0 just because you have some nice extracurriculars, when people are applying with equal or even greater ECs and 4.0 GPAs? You are aware that Ivey is one of the most prestigious and selective business schools in the world, right? Think about it for a long time.

Nov 22, 2014