University of Calgary Engineering, chances to transfer?

I'm currently a first year engineering student at the University of Calgary. Long story short, I would like to transfer to a business school such as Ivey, since I am not interested in pursuing a degree in engineering. Unfortunately, my GPA is most likely going to be below a 3.0. However, I believe I have strong extracurriculars. I'm an intern at a small boutique, a WSO Campus Rep, and Chairman of the International Engineering Competition, where my duties include managing a budget, get sponsorship, assembling a team, designing the competitions, and managing the relations of our European and American partners. Do I stand a chance to transfer after year to if I manage to pull up my GPA as much as I can, or should I just transfer to the business school at U of C and try to transfer again after a year? Sorry for such an annoying question, but I hope somebody could give me advice. Thanks!