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Does anyone know anything about the recruiting at the UofR Simon School? I got some information from them in the mail about their MBA program and they claim they are among the top in the world, especially in finance. I don't doubt that a degree from there is prestigious and will lead to great things in finance, but I was wondering specifically for investment banking. Does anyone know which banks, BB, boutiques, mid, recruit there? Do they take a lot of people or is it just a few per year?

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Mar 5, 2007 - 2:20pm

Is a great school trapped in a terrible city. Just to confirm what you heard, I am 99.9% sure they are very quant./finance focused.

I can't provide any inside info so this may not be helpful...

Some of the rankings say students aren't happy with the recruiting scene, particularly on-campus. In going to their website, you can see a lot of large banks recruit there, but for how many each is anyone's guess. I believe 2 kids from my undergrad. went straight in there right out of work experience doesn't seem like a big deal.

Pretty much looks like a unanimous top 25...sorry couldn't be more helpful.

Mar 5, 2007 - 7:39pm

Simon is a very good school and often referred to as a diamond in the rough.

You are correct in finance. They rank very high with professors at the top of the finance chain. To give you an idea the overall PhD program has spots for 10 people and have over 500 applicants per year. The MBA's are taught by the same professors.

In terms of bulge. They have had Bear, JPM, Lehman, UBS recruit this year. They also had BNP, Rothschild, Piper, Wachovia, Stifel (former Legg), and a few others. I hear the most dilligent of students had interviews with many other banks such as Jefferies, HLHZ, Citi, BMO, etc.

Though Simon is heavy in finance, most students are more interested in corporate finance - non IB. However, I heard they placed some people at JPM, UBS, Lehman, Barclays, Bear, BB&T this year in either full-time or internship. That being said, I hear it's not for the faint of heart. They tend to work very hard to get noticed from those types of companies.

Overall it looks like recruiting has gotten much better in a very very short time.

Mar 5, 2007 - 11:26pm

I agree that Rochester is an awful, dying city, but UofR has a great reputation for Med school and its business school. And, from what i hear (i am a graduating senior this May and they sent me information), they want to promote a younger atmosphere for their business school by waiving the experience requirements.

That is good to hear that they get a good presence from all these companies, but it seems like there are just so many other schools where you could get better exposure to them. I will keep them in mind as a target school and hope they get even better in the next few years, since i am still a few years away from going back to get my mba.

Apr 13, 2007 - 4:17pm

University of Rochester undergrad (Originally Posted: 05/27/2014)

Hi, I am a rising sophomore double majoring in Financial Economics and Mathematics at the University of Rochester. I have a 3.8 GP, have taken high level math courses, have research experience, etc.. I want to go into one of PE/IB/corporate finance (I have not decided, very unsure at the moment). I have posted about advice on networking, etc. and am in the process of contacting alumni and other people that I know, etc.

I wanted to address a separate question - I have read that the UofR is not a target school (even though it is ranked quite highly for financial economics, accounting). Will this be a big problem, should I be concerned, and if so what should I do about it? (I don't plan on transferring, because I love the school). Thanks in advance.

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