Unpaid HF internship

Background: STEM undergrad and STEM Work Experience
MBA:T15(finance and econ)
Was gonna do a pharma internship(paid) during the summer but just got an offer to work at a new hedge fund (unpaid tho:( )

The pharma fits my background and would help in recruiting if I went into industry and it's paid.
I'm not sure how seriously to take the hedge fund internship considering its unpaid. They've been open for a year and the 15 employees have good pedigree. Assuming I don't get a return offer, would having this on my resume help me break into other finance roles in recruiting despite it being a no name fund. And if I decide I hate it, would this reflect negatively on me if I try recruiting in pharma.

Any guidance appreciated I have no finance background as you can tell.

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  • Intern in PE - Other
May 17, 2021 - 5:47pm

I'm not very experienced, but if the firm is giving you true analyst responsibilities and is 15 people, I would think they should be able to pay you for a graduate role. Maybe you could ask or negotiate?

If it's not an applicable experience, I'm not sure an unpaid internship would be worth your time. Your internship at the pharma company seems great already.

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