Urgent help for the student feeling burned (not physically)

Hi people!

I am a university student. I need advice about balancing my life. I try to do my best for GPA, to read a lot about my field (business), join a lot communities, participate in different projects etc. But at some time I just join too many things at once, and then I lose my track. I started to miss things that actually will matter a lot (like very good competitions). I want to get into MBB someday (I hope), so I need a well-rounded profile. But the constant fear of missing out something importants just doesn't allow me to accomplish many things. By the way, yes I know a person needs to do things that she/he enjoys. The problem is that I am enjoying (at least, feeling ok) doing many things.

I would like to hear advice about it from the ones who had gone through this case, and anyone who wants to give some kind of advice regarding this issue.

P.s.= I added it to IB section as many people are active there.

Thank You!

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May 1, 2021 - 10:05pm

I've dealt with this as well. I found that when I concentrated on only a few things I maximized my results. This is a process and steady pace wins the race. 

Focus most on your classes, read WSJ and other sources that'll keep you in the know, and choose one club. Putting too much on your plate leads to extreme motivation at first and fizzles to minimal interest/effort after a month or less.

Try focusing on only 3 of the core areas that'll set you up for success. Hope this helps.

Remember one thing, you will never know everything.

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May 2, 2021 - 2:58am

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