Urgent - Training or Hitting the Desk?

Time sensitive question for you all. I am starting as a FT analyst with an IB following my graduation at the end of this spring. This particular IB has two options relevant to starting with the firm:
1. Start with training from Day 1 and join the desk when it is over
2. Hit the desk Day 1 and then go to training after the first group is finished

It appears they are unable to accommodate all the incoming analysts at a unified training, so they intend to separate us and have offered us the opportunity to express a 'strong preference'. If you happen to know which IB this is, I would ask that you keep the information to yourself, in the interest of maintaining my anonymity.

I am leaning towards requesting to be placed in the 'training first' group. That said, I am joining a coverage group, and I interned in DCM at another investment bank, so the whole team doesn't really know me yet, whereas they know their returning summers.

A belated Happy Easter and/or Passover to those that celebrate it.


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Apr 7, 2015