USC worth it for IB?

Hey everyone currently I am a rising junior at Auburn University and have the potential to transfer to USC (SoCal) majoring in Economics with a minor in Finance. I do not know the environment too well out west so I was curious whether USC is somewhat considered a target school and whether it is worth transferring or just waiting to get an MBA elsewhere later. I plan on getting a MBA immediately after graduation so that would give me several more summers for more internships. Currently at Auburn I boast a 3.6 GPA and own a 6 figure business along with heavy involvement regarding IB societies. I am having a difficult time deciding if USC is a school worth giving up what I have established at Auburn? I can easily network at USC and rejoin any high finance related ogranizations I just was curious about whether I should wait and finish my masters potentially somewhere like USC or transfer now and still apply to IB related schools?