UVA MS Commerce, Duke MMS, UMich Ross MMS

I just wanted to gather some more information regarding Duke's MMS program/UVA's McIntire MS in Commerce/UMich ROss Masters in Management Studies. I'm very interested and I think it might be a good fit for me. A little background on me, I graduated this past may from a non target state school in New York that is really great academically but no business presence, with a B.A. in history, gpa was 3.4. I have limited finance background with a couple consulting internships and potentially a customer service professional role at BB in real estate banking (not too relevant but maybe name recognition).

I am shooting for Ibanking and I think one of these programs would be a solid fit for me. I've heard a lot of different things so I figured I would reach out to someone who went through it.

Obvious Duke's/UVA/UMich Ross' brand name is great and I realize the MMS degree is newer. How is OCR, are you competing against MBA's for associate positions or hopefully against undergrad analysts to break in? Is the program worth it? What are the gmat/gpa/extracurricular's like for entering class?

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Aug 24, 2013

Look at notre dame's MS Business also. They will accept internships, not no work experience. UMich and ND are newer programs, but I think they give a more Chicago centered recruiting presence. UVAs program is phenomenal. Emma who runs the program is top notch.

Aug 26, 2013