Vanderbilt vs UT Austin (Undergrad)

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Hate to do it but hoping to get some responses from graduates/people familiar with both schools. Interested in studying finance undergrad but at Vandy would do Econ. Not sure what I want to do after graduation but want to have the option to go into banking/consulting if that is my interest. I was admitted to McCombs (OOS and no BHP) this spring. I'm leaning heavily towards UT and have loved the school on all of my visits. However, I got into Vanderbilt off the wait list yesterday and obviously have to consider it due to its overall academic superiority. I probably prefer the culture of UT Austin a bit more, and I don't care about the "prestige" of my degree in the eyes of others. I just want to go to the school that is going to give me the best job opportunities and college experience. Thankfully cost is not a worry, but it is worth noting that UT will be cheaper. I would love if anyone could contribute any opinions about the decision or any facts/figures regarding recruitment out of both schools. Thank you all.