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I'm putting together a training program for the analysts and associates in my team and I'm interested in any views from WSO people already in the industry on what's available and what's good quality.

This is a development program for people in years 0 - 6 of their career, weighted more to the middle and upper end than new starters. That is, these are people who have already broken in, understand the basics and are looking to develop their skills further.

My team reviews and approves proposals for lending deals, leasing deals, highly structured debt and equity investments (largely in the PE space) and DCM underwrites.

External service providers I'm already aware of:
- Training the Street
- Moodys
- FitchLearning
- The Risk Management Association

We've also got an external providers (whose name I can't remember) who deals in softer skill training eg managing teams.

The external courses will run as a complement to internal training by senior staff members (which is more useful and relevant, IMHO).

For those already in the industry who have benefited (or not benefited) from staff development courses, do you have views on which courses offered by the names above or others are worthwhile, mediocre or a waste of time?

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May 27, 2014