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I'm fortunate to be starting at a west coast MBB in the Fall. I'm slowly starting to buy clothes for the job, but I have several questions (which I could not find the answers to on the forum):

  • My understanding is that typical dress code is business casual (slacks and a collared shirt). What is the dress code on casual Fridays like? Jeans and a collared shirt, or still slacks?
  • Though I've heard that this is client dependent, how likely is it that I will be staffed on a project where a suit and tie is required?
  • Are colored/patterned socks acceptable?

Apologies for the minute questions, but I'm coming in eyes wide open, and don't want to spend money on the wrong clothing.

Also, if you have any other advice Re: dress and attire, I'd appreciate it. Thanks

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Jun 16, 2016

I'm also an incoming A/AC/BA. From what I have seen/heard:
- You can err on the side of casual if you're in the home office on Friday (jeans, soft collared shirt are fine). This will obviously depend on your specific firm/office, though.

  • A financial services client will probably be the only industry where a suit is required daily. Given you are on the west coast, FS probably isn't a huge industry for you (if you're at either of the Bs - who have a more local staffing model). 3 suits seem to be the recommended number for consultants first starting out.
  • Appropriate socks will likely be a project-to-project scenario. I would likely start more conservative and adjust as you get a better feel for the client.

Also, as a junior analyst, appropriate dress discussions are perfectly acceptable to have with other team members before you start at the client. It's a lot easier for a manager to give you advice before starting if you bring up the subject to them than if they have to bring it up because you are dressing inappropriately.

You should check out the consulting subreddit. Lots of good advice regarding dress on the wiki there.

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Jun 16, 2016

Most of my client site attire was slacks, dress shirt, no tie. Relative conservative colors and patterns. Then I'd throw on a coat for important client meetings. Home office friday was jeans usually with a sweater or collared shirt.

In my 4 yrs at McK I never had a suit and tie client.

No one cares what socks you wear, as long as they aren't white.

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Jun 17, 2016