From what I've gathered, doing restructuring after graduation leads to opportunities in distressed debt hf or more restructuring. What other opportunities are there?

How hard is it to go from restructuring to a PE firm that doesn't necessarily deal with distressed debt or bankruptcies? Also, how hard is it to move from restructuring to M&A? I've heard that the two are very different, yet the skill sets are somewhat similar.

I've looked at past forum topics regarding restructuring but couldn't find the answers to these questions. Thanks.

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I have three friends that have come out of restructuring groups :

one went to a major Distressed Debt Hedge Fund, one went to an equity HF (long/short), one went to a MM PE not specializing in distress.

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special situations pe


how about regular PE? Is it harder for restructuring kids to get jobs at the better PE shops (not special sits. or distressed), or do they just prefer to go to distressed debt HFs? As I said, I only know of those three cases, would be interested to hear from someone with more knowledge/data points.


Given that restructuring is probably going to be really busy for a while, is this deal experience worthwhile to top Private Equity firms and Hedge Funds? Or is the skillset just suitable for Special Situations PE and distressed debt HFs?


Just curious, how about distressed debt/equity trading on either buyside or sellside?



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