What Keeps You Motivated?

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Folks in the industry -- what keeps you motivated, particularly during down times? There are times when work is slow which makes you ponder, is this all worth it? Share!

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Sep 11, 2018

I think about a few things during the slow months for motivation. The pay check is #1. Watching the interest component on my mortgage payment get slightly smaller every month. The fact that experience is measured in terms of time and not success so every day sitting in your chair makes you more valuable. Knowing that 50% of the job is showing up, 25% is looking the part 15% not fucking up and the last 10% is outperformance. The fact that most people without a good education will never have the opportunity to sit in my chair, let alone be behind the scenes on deals with millions at stake. Or if I'm having issues with someone at work, knowing that there will come a time when that person ceases to exist in my world and becomes just a memory, just like the hundreds of former colleagues before them. Is it all worth it? Ultimately it's just a job to support my upper middle class lifestyle. 100 years from now no-one will know or care, so probably not, but at least it's better than waiting tables.

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Sep 11, 2018


Sep 11, 2018

Do you ever find yourself pondering what there is after this? I'm a 1st year analyst and now that I've FINALLY made it here, now all I think about is how much free time I have since I'm not spending it trying to get this job. I also have no idea what I wanna do..

Sep 11, 2018

Yes, all the time. I fantasise about being my own boss and building a business empire, but I figure staying in my job now is only going to make it easier to start a business later on because I'll be richer and smarter. Plus I am gaining valuable experience managing a team and learning how to motivate people to work for me on someone else's dime. I figure it will be easier stepping out on my own once I have full financial independence, that way I'm not risking my family's future.

Sep 11, 2018