What should I study at uni?

Background: I'm a year 12 student (11th grade) living in the UK. I have applied for both UK and US universities (I'm an American citizen).
I'm certain that I'm going to follow a career in finance but am uncertain on what I should major in to give me the best chances of joining a HF right out of uni (I know this is hard) or a few years out of uni.

Question: My current plans are to study engineering but can't seem to get rid of the thought that economics or finance would be better. Does it really matter what I study as long as it's at a good university?

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May 29, 2021 - 5:54pm

why do you wanna go into a HF? Why do you like public markets from a buy-side perspective? Are you willing to work 12h a day for at least 60h a week (if you're efficient that is, and during earnings szn you working 15h)? Are you willing to cope with a very high pressure, high stakes job? Are you willing to spend the majority of your free time research and doing analytics? And above all - do you have strong emotional intelligence?

Honestly, you gotta ask yourself all these questions because first off - no job is glamorous. People who succeed in their roles are efficient and most of the time put in far more work in terms of time than everybody else simply because it isn't work for them rather than pleasure. It is a highly competitive field too. But purely with investing you will need the emotional intelligence to perform (which is something that somehow every academic course seems to forget or not touch on)

just study whatever you like most/is your passion that also coincides with a good career financially

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