What's the FRACKING deal?

Fracking. It is the multi billion dollar word that most of you should know very well. Also known as hydraulic fracturing, the process uses water, sand, chemicals and pressure to crack rock deep beneath the earth's surface, releasing vast amounts of previously unattainable oil and gas.

Today, it stands as a stumbling block between the energy industry and critics who risk adding another unnecessary layer of volatility to energy markets which really don't need it.

Protests across New York State have temporarily banned the practice. Further alarmist rhetoric in nearby Pennsylvania threatens to plant a foot squarely on the throat of perhaps the most important energy extraction method in recent American history.

3 Things To Think About

1) The Hollywood Effect

Perhaps I didn't give the "Hollywood vs. Wall Street" thread enough juice. With all the mainstream media fervor against The Street and talk of "Inside Job", few of us have paid due attention to the drama surrounding "Gasland". The aggressive attacks on the energy industry have grown by leaps and bounds. Quite frankly, the industry's offense is the best defense approach has not helped much.

2) Dynegy's Potentially Impending Bankruptcy

Ask some of your pals in Houston about Dynegy. If this bankruptcy occurs, we could see a minute version of the Bear and Lehman deaths. Not in terms of the overall economic effect, but certainly as a cold bucket of ice water over the heads of the industry. Dynegy is a giant and a few years ago suggesting it's impending death at the hands of creditors would have been a notion dismissed with laughter and ridicule. The aura of invincibility is a huge yet rarely mentioned tangible of big businesses. Once it is pierced, bad things can happen... fast.

3) Apply to...Glencore, Vitol, Trafigura...

I mention it in passing quite often, but am really considering ranting on it full-time. It amazes me how many posts I read on a daily basis where people obsess about getting into trading arms and prop shops. You guys really need to think about oil trading firms such as those mentioned above. Once again, big oil and oil traders are getting ready to clean up and lick their plates clean. You can bet that the drama beginning to play out with regards to fracking will have a huge benefit for the standard bearers of energy; oil and coal. Combine this drama with the anti-nuclear energy sentiment we are already seeing forming as a result of the Japanese tragedy and you should be able to clearly see what I am getting at.

Yes. Oil prices and its buyers and sellers will see windfalls. Not that this is anything new, but it bares repeating for the young monkey wondering where his dollar will take him/her furthest.

Commodities are the basis of human life guys. In the 21st century they will be the backbone of finance. Get your selves up to speed on this issue, it is a hugely important one that few are discussing.

Get with the fracking program monkeys!

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