When did you realize what you wanted to do was IB?

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In the past few months I have done lots of introspection: why did I choose finance/how will it satisfy me in the long-run?

Coming into college, I was decided on studying in the liberal arts (it aligned most with my activities/interests in high school), but two weeks before classes began, I realized I would not enjoy writing essays and reading centuries-old literature perpetually (also the fact that getting degrees in things like literature and history, particularly at a non-Harvard, would not help secure paths to comfortable occupations for me, lol). One of my most-trusted mentors noticed how I enjoyed working on complex problems with quantitative bases and told me to try finance - I really enjoy learning (about) finance, so it has been fine so far, but I cannot really pinpoint whether or not I would be happier doing something else (I think the industry is very taxing at times).

Everyone says to study what I enjoy, but is there truly an academic discipline that people can say they enjoy? I enjoy working on cars and the outdoors, but do not think being a mechanic or a national park tour guide would make me feel as though I discovered my fullest potential, say 20 years down the road.

As I try to reconcile finance and self-satisfaction, I think everyone's answers to the two questions on the first line of this post would be super helpful. Why did you choose finance? Who/what aided you in the decision? At what point did you make the decision (I think without high school clubs or family/friends in finance, it is a fairly difficult path to discover)?

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Oct 27, 2018

Read the million dollar careers guide by wetfeet when I was ~15.. Pretty much opened the flood gates to all the top tier careers in business/finance - got hooked and learnt progressively more as the years went by.

Oct 27, 2018