When is the best time to apply for 2018 SA in this situation?

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Hi everyone,

I was hoping I could get some quick advice here.
This fall, I will be a Junior at a semi-target (finance major), and I will also be doing an internship with a PWM firm during the semester. The work I will be doing sounds interesting - learning about portfolio construction, building model portfolios, and researching/pitching investments (including individual securities, not just funds).
I know many banks have already opened their applications for next summer (I am primarily looking at Investment/Asset/Wealth Management divisions of BBs).
I was wondering how much a difference it will make if I:

  1. Begin applying now (without having details of my upcoming internship on my resume, but get a head start) OR --
  2. Wait a month or so when I have real experience with my internship on my resume (my fear is that some apps are on a rolling basis so the earlier I apply, the better).

I did not have an internship this summer, but I did intern in PWM last year if that matters.
Please let me know what you guys think, and thanks for your advice!

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Aug 9, 2017

Anyone have any input?

Aug 9, 2017

I am in the same position and I think it's best to apply a month into the internship (Mid-September - End of September). You will be able to talk about the internship during your interviews. As long as you apply before the deadline, I think you will be fine. Good luck


Aug 9, 2017