Which Biz Model is the best for career growth? B2B vs B2C?

I am contemplating how to utilize my background (IB / Consulting) to rank potential job opportunities based on their business model and the ability to grow my career. These roles are all variations of a "manager of strategic finance" position at mid-/late-stage startups handling FP&A, strategy, corporate development, and/or investor relations.

The way I see it, a B2B model, particularly in software, likely has the highest near-term equity comp potential and buzz but I feel as if they are entirely reliant on product and consequently, product- / engineering-related individuals to drive the business. My background is non-technical and by that nature, I think a B2C organization would be the most empowering platform to allow me to drive company-wide business decisions from within a "finance" org. For example, consider UiPath vs Peloton, finance at the former would be entirely relinquished to a support function whereas, for the latter, they could drive key supply chain considerations, pricing, and unit economics + expansion decisions.

Am I thinking about this correctly? What else am I not considering?

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