Will My Undergrad Major Hurt My MBB Chances? (Arts UG Major + Cambridge MPhil Management)

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Hey everyone!

I attended a top Canadian school for undergrad and majored in Film and Media Studies as I was initially interested in heading into the film / media industries from a more business standpoint (producing, etc.) . Over the course of my degree, I was exposed to management consulting and decided that it was a better fit. Because of this change of heart, I ultimately ended up applying to and being accepted into the MPhil Management program at Cambridge for Fall 2018.

So here is my dilemma - I'm super anxious that my major will be looked down upon and will make entering consulting, especially at MBB, really difficult. Even though I have a 3.76 and have been consistently among the top students in my major and in the top 10% of my school overall, I worry that studying something that lacks quantitative clout will hurt my chances.

Do you think that getting the MPhil from Cambridge in a business program with great grades will be enough to get an interview despite my undergrad course? Note that I prefer to work in Canada after the degree but am considering Europe as well.

Any and all thoughts are appreciated!

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May 19, 2018

It won't be the first choice undegrad but by the time you're done with the MPhil they'll mainly look at that. I wouldn't worry.

Sep 11, 2018