Will the 13" iPad be a flop?

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There has been rumors buzzing around that Apple is in the works of creating an iPad with a larger screen. Rumor has it the screen size is anywhere from 12-13in. Plenty of critics blame Apple for failing to revolutionize the iPad or iPhone when they offer a larger screen. Will the release of the new iPad be a flop?

First and for most, one must evaluate Apple as a company before diving into the iPad. Over the years Apple has brought us an array of products such as iPods, IMaCS, MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads all serving and fulfilling a different consumer need. Apple has also established themselves as a luxury brand with their high price points, (despite their recent efforts to reach the lower end market) and established consumer security by having apps pre approved by Apple. Through the lifespan of Apple they these products have helped gain immense brand loyalty that in my opinion will sell the new iPad alone.

Looking at the iPads past they have originally offered a 9.7 screen size which now falls in the middle. I feel like this was a great move by apple because it was too big or too small in my opinion, and it allowed them to make a smaller or larger screen which is what they are doing currently. Next came the iPad mini which is a bit smaller with a 7.9in screen size. This move by Apple was more directed to the individual consumer and their needs of portability. Now with the iPadPro predicted at around 13in I believe Apple is now focusing on the other end of their target market, businesses. Some business are already adapting the original iPad into their work field because of the ease of use and portability. But when you think about it the 9.7 screen is a bit small. Now imagine Apples new iPadPro at your fingertips, essentially its your 13" macbook with out a keyboard. That would be so useful.

Apple has been in the works of creating more business focused apps by partnering up with IBM. Apple has the opportunity to appeal to small mom and pop business by offering basic business apps and Microsoft Office but also the ability to create specific apps for companies which they have done for Medtronic.

The possibilities are endless and with a bigger screen target more towards businesses than the average consumer Apple plans to make workflow much easier with their larger screen? What do you think, will the larger iPad fail to sell?

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Oct 19, 2014

Things to consider: Will there be an apple on the back of the device? If so, it will be unrealistically successful.

Oct 20, 2014